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...flexible, comfortable and secure!

The STARLIGHT-Young-Sport child seat is a for the disability field modified car seat. It is qualified for being installed in most of the customary vehicles. The car seat is designed to be used in the backseat of a car and requires a 3-point safety belt.

Additional to the car's seat belt, the STARLIGHT-Young-Sport comes with a 5-point seat belt who gently protect your child. This can be adjusted in height together with the backrest. The back angle is fixed to 90°. However the seat has as an angular adjustment to gradually change the seat angle by 5°. With an optional upgrade, this flexibility can be increased up to 25°.

The STARLIGHT-Young-Sport was especially designed for very small children. That is why the standard package contains a special cushion to reduce seat width and a two-piece backrest cushion to lower the seat depth down to 25 cm. This can extend gradually in accordance with the childs growth up to 30 cm. A new and distinctive feature in this class is the optional lateral supports who guarantee the child a stable sitting position and are flexibly adjustable.


Additional Information

technical details
SITZBREITE 20 / 28 cm*
SITZTIEFE 25 / 27,5 / 30 cm
RÜCKENHÖHE 32 (34*) / 36 (38*) /  40 (42*)
SCHEITELHÖHE 55 (57*) / 59 (61*) /  63 (65*)
Gesamthöhe ab 63 cm
Gesamtbreite 46 cm
Gesamttiefe 46 cm
Gewicht ab 9,0 kg
getestete Belastbarkeit 36 kg

*ohne Sitzverkleinerer