...low weight, comfortable and safe!

The IPAI-LGT lives up to its name. It is characterized by a low weight and brings even in the basic everything to care about the needs of children with special needs. It’s always equipped with ISOFIX, thorax supports and a 5-point harness, that is padded at the shoulders. Another large, stable pad is located between the buckle and the child's pelvis. This guarantees a firm hold.

New is the SICT side impact protection system. It can be unscrewed on the outer side to the vehicle door, which improves the crash safety while a side impact. If the IPAI-LGT, however, positioned in the middle of the vehicle, it is not unnecessarily wide and also allows the installation of several car seats on the back seat.

By means of a central handle on the front, the depth of the ISOFIX adapter can be adjusted with one hand. Thus, if necessary, the seat can be pulled forward, which opens the back angle and thereby  a resting position can be quickly taken. If the IPAI-LGT is often used in different vehicles, the ISOFIX is an optimal way to install the seat quickly and safely - if it is not needed, it disappears invisibly in the seat unit!

HERNIK offers a variety of accessories to make individual adaptations, such as an abduction block, a seat angle adjustment or a security tray. The latter helps enormously in children with poor trunk control, as it supports the arms, giving the upper body more stability.

It is interesting that any accessories can always be installed quickly and subsequently in a few moments.


Additional Information

Technische Daten
seat width (pelvis) 31 cm
seat width (knees) 34 cm
seat depth 32 cm
back hight 38 - 58 cm
crown height 59 - 79 cm
height laterals 20 - 33 cm
distance laterals 14 - 28 cm
back angle
85° - 162°
total height 67 - 85 cm
total width 48 cm
total depth 39 cm
weight ab 7,0 kg
capacity 36 kg