IPAI - Monza

...flexible, comfortable and secure!

The IPAI-Monza child seat is a for the disability field modified car seat. It is qualified for being installed in most of the customary vehicles. The car seat is designed to be used in the backseat of a car and requires a 3-point safety belt.

Additional to the car's seat belt, the STARLIGHT-Young-Sport comes with a 5-point seat belt who gently protect your child. This can be adjusted in height together with the backrest to improve the belt route. By means of the continuous variable backrest angle, the seat can be adjusted to the car seat and to the child's needs.

Due to the headrest which is adjustable in 11 stages, the seat can be aligned to the size of the child. The IPAI-MONZA provides an advanced lateral protection structure as he is equipped with fixed armrests in the hip area and energy absorption elements in the shoulder and chest area.


Additional Information

technical details
  IPAI Reha WITHOUT extra cusion
IPAI Reha WITH extra cusion
seat width (pelvis) 26-29 cm 17-23 cm
seat width (knees) 38 cm 28 cm
seat depth
32-42 cm 29-39 cm
back hight
38-52 cm 35-49 cm
crown height
60-77 cm 57-74 cm
total height
68-85 cm
total width
49 cm
total depth
50-60 cm
weight from 7,0 kg