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The HERNIK GmbH is active in the field of child rehabilitation technology and provides its customers with innovative and state of the art products. Our specialization is the transport by car of disabled children and teenagers, especially when an available wheel chair cannot be used during the ride.

Here we support with our child seats IPAI-NXT, STARLIGHT-NXT, HERO-NXT and KIDSFLEX. In addition we also offer thought-out and personalized solutions in the field of seat shells with individual aluminum shells (ANATOMIC UNICO • ANATOMIC FLEX) whose back units are resilient and / or biomechanically movable if desired or based on suiting bases like the BUNNY 1.

Furthermore we provide head protectors made of fabric or leather to safeguard the head from harm. On this regard the new CAPOVARIO is a highlight who makes everyday life much easier thanks to its innovative construction.

But even if you face challenges that cannot be met with our standard portfolio, we would like to support you with some special customized construction.
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Contact: HERNIK GmbH

CEO: Markus Jacksch

Office: Partenhauserweg 14 • 81369 München • Germany

Administration: Auf der Groeb 2 c • 83064 Raubling • Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 8035-9580448

Fax: +49 (0) 8031-2069215

E-Mail: info@hernik.de

Homepage: www.hernik.de

USt.-Identifikationsnummer: DE201281298

County Court: München

Commercial-Register No.: 125064

Bank Account: Stadtsparkasse München Kto-Nr.: 19140672 • BLZ: 70150000 • IBAN: DE12 7015 0000 0019 1406 72 • BIC: SSKMDEMM

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