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..the idea

The years of experience in the development of rehabilitation aids for people with special needs and the feedback of our customers for decades have motivated us on to develop a head protection concept that eliminates the biggest and recurring problems in head protection care! Because the human head is as individual as a fingerprint, the development of our new CAPOVARIO was designed with a focus on maximum flexibility. For the first time, it can be adjusted by the rehab technician on delivery


...the material

The CAPOVARIO has an anatomically shaped structure made of stable plastic (only 4 sizes!), which allows the adjustment of the head circumference. In addition, a very high-quality microfiber fabric was used, which is breathable, washable (at 40°C) and can be desinfected. As a result, the hygiene could be improved significantly. This is even more improved, as a removable inner padding is used, which allows an ideal air circulation and is customizable.

Additional Information

technical details
sizes size 0 size 1 size 2 size 3 size 4
head circumference 44 - 48 cm 48 - 51 cm 52 - 56 cm 56 - 60 cm 58 - 62 cm
weight 270 g 280 g 290 g 305 g 320 g
colors Pink, Turquoise, Red, Black, Gray, Blue