Warning about copied products

by Markus Jacksch (comments: 0)

„Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.“

(Charles Caleb Colton)


Insist on the original!

Recently it became known that not only our successful technology solutions, but also complete products were copied and offered on the same market without our permission. We see it positively - because as the saying goes: "You can recognise a good idea by the fact that it’s being stolen."

In any case, the risk of using non-original products is unacceptable: mechanical failure, physical injury, damage to vehicle parts and even danger to human life. In addition, your insurance cover for damage and consequential damage is not guaranteed, and you lose support, guarantee and warranty.

Only our original ensures perfect function with all product advantages and protects you from damage.

What can you do to distinguish the original from the imitation?

  • Purchase our products exclusively from our official partners.
  • Check the CE marking with the serial number.
  • If you are unsure, contact us (office@hernik.de)

Trust in the original! Only from us and our partners you will receive the original HERNIK products with the corresponding warranty. Here you will find your contact persons around the globe.

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